About US

Hey ya’ll!

Thanks for dropping by to visit. We are a small farm located in South Haven Michigan. Our family of 6 moved from South Carolina in 2018 due to a job change. We had always talked about having our own land and raising our own food. New state, new house …This was our chance!

Our last home was in a comfortable suburban neighborhood, no acreage, with houses on every side. Here, we found an older home situated on 34 acres. With over 400 fruit and nut trees, fields, a pond, a barn and outbuildings, it was a dream come true! I will add that the property was owned by an eccentric elderly gentleman. Things were a bit run down and unkept. So what? We wanted it anyway. We can do this!

We couldn’t do this.

It started with chickens. Everyone starts with chickens. Chickens are the gateway drug in farming.

Guess what? Chickens DIE.

Hold on, I mean yes, we’ve harvested meat birds for our own consumption.  We will totally talk about that on a later date. I also mean a lot of chickens have died in our care.  We didn’t kill them but they died. Coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, racoons, a neighbors dog, everyone wants a piece of our chicken action. 

Good news … We’ve learned how to incubate and hatch more chickens! Plus a little experience and electric fencing is helping with the predators.

Then we got ducks. Everyone said “Don’t get ducks”.

Ducklings are so cute though!! Guess what? Ducks suck. They’re messy. The male duck basically rapes the females. *We will talk about the male role on a farm at a later date* Ducks play soccer with their eggs so the outsides were always dirty. When harvested, it’s very hard to remove the pin feathers and down. All this plus they weren’t very friendly birds!

Good news … The ducks left us. Literally. One day we woke up to only 1 duck. No feathers, no carnage .. nothing. We think they left to build their own colony somewhere. They must have sent a missive to the remaining duck because a few days later he disappeared as well. We wish them well on their new adventure.

We’ve also had Guinea fowl. We were told they can be beneficial because they eats ticks and scare away predators. Maybe not scare but alert the flock if something is amiss. Oh they alerted us alright… alerted everyone to EVERYTHING. Cats, dogs, birds, people, leaves, trees, wind, you name it, they screamed at it.

I loved them so much.

Guinea Fowl are also one of the dumbest birds on the plant. Some might disagree with me and that’s okay. They are one step above the Dodo bird and look what happened to them. I say all this to explain why we no longer have Guineas. They loved the road, they loved to fly out of their fencing, they loved to roost in the trees, they loved to roam, basically they loved to die.

Good news… No, no good news there.

We also raise pigs.

KuneKune pigs to be exact. The best pig in the universe. We’ve become registered breeders and raise them for meat. We will be using this magnificent breed to take over the world. I’ll be talking about them a ton. Just you wait.

We have goats. Oh yes we do. Oberhasli Dairy goats. Gorgeous, mild tempered goats. They eat brush and weeds and supply us with delicious milk. They are also destructive, stubborn monsters who continuously escape from their fencing and need daily milking.

When the world was shutting down we panicked and bought 3 baby cows.

Awwww… I know right? They’re not babies anymore and are happily eating the grass in our field. These guys are also part of our plan to take over the world.

Besides the animals we have a wealth of greenery. You know, Ivy (poison and english), ferns, grass, weeds, trees, trees and MORE trees. The soil here is AMAZING. It seems like you could grow anything! I’m not trying to brag or anything. I said YOU could grow anything here. I can’t. I am trying though! This is a whole other thing that we’re learning to do. Grow our own food…and eat it. Cool right?

Good news? We’re actually doing this. Raising kids, raising meat, growing food, making stuff! Can we live on it yet? Will it sustain us completely? Not yet. Is there a possibility that our farm will sustain us in the future? Absolutely!! Probably. At least I REALLY hope so!

I should mention something… We came here knowing that Creg’s job is only temporary. The nuclear plant where he currently works is closing. June of 2022 will be the last month of him working at an outside job that pays the bills. That means … Yup, No more money honey.

We CAN do this! We HAVE to.

And so can you! I mean, if you want to. I’m starting this blog to document all the things we are learning. If you stay around I promise to share it all with you. The good, the bad, the funny and maybe even the ugly. So much ugly people, you have no idea…

So that’s “Us”.

I can’t wait to meet you!

The Nash Family